Twin Eagle is a leader in the North American Environmental energy markets. With a dedicated team concentrating on analyzing and developing strategies and marketing opportunities in the mandated and voluntary markets, we are committed to providing our customers with market-leading insight and the guidance necessary to navigate these markets.


Our team is focused on providing quality value-based solutions with both physical and financial products in the following markets:

Renewable Energy Credit Markets (“RECs”)

  • Compliance – All State Mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • Voluntary – National, Regional & State Specific

Carbon Markets – Allowances & Offsets

  • Compliance – California (A.B. 32) & Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives (“RGGI”)
  • Voluntary – Climate Action Reserve Protocol Greenhouse Gas Offsets

Emissions Markets

  • SO2 Emissions Allowances
  • NOX Emissions Allowances
  • Emission Reduction Credits (“ERCs”)
  • Regional Clean Air Incentives Markets (“RECLAIM”)

Other Mandated Environmental Markets

  • Renewable Fuels Standards (“RFS”)
  • Low Carbon Fuels Standards (“LCFS”)

Cross-Commodity Products

  • Bundled Products (Attributes & Energy)
  • Biomethane Tolling
  • Clean Power Spark-Spreads & Heat Rates
  • Physical and Financial Product Structures

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